Spinzy® Smart Cat Toy


Best Purchase Ever!

“My cat loves this toy! She’s on the chubbier side and our vet told us that we need to get her to exercise a bit more, which turned out to be quite a task. But, with the Spinzy® cat toy, she’s been playing non-stop and even lost some weight. Plus, we’ve had this toy for two months now, and it still looks brand new! I highly recommend it!😊

-Cindy H. ✅  Verified Buyer




Although cats have a reputation for being calm and reserved, they require a lot of brain stimulation and physical exercise to keep their health in check. Cats need a lot of special attention and care since it is easy for owners to just let their feline friends go about their day without any activities, which can result in cat obesity. This can lead to other troubles with the cat’s mental well-being like depression or constant irritation.

Spinzy® Smart Cat Toy is an automatic device that provides your cat with both exercise and entertainment while keeping their health in great shape. Spinzy® will help stimulate any cat's brain without causing hyper activeness thanks to the automatic timer, detachable feathers, irregular movements and remote-controlled settings. And the best part is that it provides fun for multiple cats at a time. Entertain your cat and strengthen your owner-pet bond!


Here is how Spinzy® will improve your and your pet’s life



Spinzy® Smart Cat Toy provides hours of exercise & self-amusement while eliminating boredom and depression since your cat can play even when left home alone. Features automatic steering and irregular rolling in both slow and fast modes.


Let Spinzy® inspire your cat's nature to scratch and hunt by playing to its basic instincts. Works for a set time interval and features a LED light effect, bird sounds that create a sense of being in the wild, and a feather attachment that looks like prey.




The remote control setting provides deeper bonding with your loved ones by sharing joyful times. For a flawless experience, Spinzy® is completely adjustable, with floor and carpet modes, and a smart sensor that does not allow the toy to get stuck.


Spinzy® comes in a small compact size like a Bluetooth speaker and features detachable feather toys, perfect for taking on the go. There is a protective case for the USB charging port, to prevent the toy from getting wet or bitten by pets.



Made from high-quality BPA-free material, you do not have to worry about it containing materials harmful to cats. It features a security lock that will ensure no toy detachments end up being consumed by your pet and hurting its digestive system. 

We have all experienced those sudden bursts of energy from our cats, meaning they require a lot of attention, boosting the frustration in us after our long and tiring day at work. However, some cats are very lazy, which can lead to frightening long-term effects and requires almost impossible attempts from us to get them to exercise. According to reports, cats require an average of 30-40 minutes of moderate exercise each day, which is challenging for indoor cats.

Luckily, the Spinzy® Smart Cat Toy will provide cats with both activity and entertainment thanks to the prey-looking design developed by pet experts. By automatically turning on and off between set time intervals, your cat will gain equal physical and mental exercise while staying connected to you via remote-controlled movements. Spinzy® easily manages any surface and resists scratches or bites. It is time to entertain your feline friends and awaken their inner instincts.



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