Cozea™ Weighted Heating Blanket

Certification: CE/EU, UL.




Best Investment Ever!

Usually, all warmers designated for cramps get hot on the exterior without keeping a warm temperature for a long time. This means a lot of burn marks but not enough warmth to settle my cramps. The only thing that has helped me get some relief without actually damaging my skin.

-Lottie Wallis ✅ Verified Buyer


The Warmest, Most Relaxing Pain Relief 


Although they are on top of their calendar when menstruation rolls around, all women seem to experience a variety of symptoms that affect their minds and body. Period cramps are one of the most common issues of modern women that affect their physical and mental health as well. Depending on expensive pain relievers, we tend to live life not fully present and enjoying every moment of it. 


Cozea™ Weighted Heating Blanket is a warm heating blanket that helps relax the body by simulating the feeling of being held or hugged. A luxurious weighted blanket with a safe, shut-off design, created from high-quality coral fleece with heat therapy that relieves period cramps and tension while allowing adjustable heat setting. Enjoy yourself even in those days!



Here is how Cozea™ will change your life


Women know the struggles that occur during that time of the month, but why suffer through camps when you can relax with the most soothing heat that helps with cramps and stiffness? Cozea™ is like a warm hug that helps relieve stiffness and soreness. 


Heating up in just a few seconds, the Cozea™ blanket effectively warms cold body areas, promoting blood circulation, and relaxing the body without causing damage to the skin. This quick function allows immediate relief of soreness, cramps, and stiff areas.



Set up your comfort zone to your taste and adjust the heating to your needs and preferences with a click of a button. The blanket features three different heat settings starting from low-grade 86 F, medium 104 F, and high 122F to create an enjoyable experience.


The Cozea™ blanket is created with high-quality coral fleece fabric that is soft and skin-friendly, and feels comfortable to the touch, allowing long use without causing discomfort or irritations. The soft cover is also detachable from the mechanism and is machine-wash friendly.


Cover yourself in a warm embrace and keep on with activities without trouble or relax in a slumber. Equipped with a sturdy remote control the blanket also features a 2-hour automatic shut-off function that prevents the heating pad from overheating and burning the skin.



We’ve all been stuck in a frustrating and painful cycle of experiencing period cramps that have a great effect on our everyday mood and productivity. No matter how much we try to stretch and take care of our bodies, we still get awful pains that usually require costly medication treatments and a lot of time and dedication to stay still and power through sharp and pulsing pain. Studies have found that in the U.S., more than 80% of women have experienced severe period pain in their lifetime.


The Cozea™ Weighted Heating Blanket is the warmest, most luxurious blanket that simulates the sensation of being held or embraced to help the body relax, ultimately reducing tension, helping with blood circulation, and soothing period cramps in the comfort of your space. A plush weighted blanket with a secure, automatic shut-off mechanism and adjustable heat settings made of premium coral fleece removable cover that is machine-wash friendly. The warmest embrace in your space!




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